No Worries!! Ballooning is your ticket to enjoy the beautiful skies of Northern Colorado.  We begin our flights in the gorgeous Water Valley area of Windsor, and your journey may take you to spectacular views of the Front Range, flocks of pelicans, or right through the scenic Pelican Falls golf course.  These are just a few of the many sights you might enjoy during your flight, while the landing might be in Windsor, or perhaps north to Severance, or east to Greeley – wherever the wind is going on your special day!     To book your flight, call us at 303-880-2669 – or click the contact form:

New this season is a wonderful new creation - Pondemonium Imagine the squeals of delight when your guests see this wonderful 'pond', complete with an array of fishes, ducks and other pond creatures. Pondemonium can appear as a static display, or she can be tethered to allow your guests to experience a few minutes  in a hot air balloon. To book Pondemonium for your event, call us at 303-880-2669 – or click the contact form:


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Don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime by waiting too long!  We can reserve your special date right now, and you can relax knowing your adventure is on our calendar.  All flights are booked 'weather permitting', and we do not hesitate to reschedule if unsafe conditions loom in the forecast.   Our team will reconfirm with you shortly before your scheduled date, and provide you with detailed information about meeting time and place, discuss any special needs, and answer any last minute questions you may have.